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BODY SCULPTING – Perfect for beginners and conditioned athletes alike.  This class focuses on strength training for the entire body, using free weights, the body bar and resistance bands.  Achieve a strong and lean physique.
CORE CHALLENGE – This is Madelyn’s signature class.  Work your core as you tone and strengthen every muscle. A blend of body sculpting and Pilates style exercises. Bosu balls and pilates rings are used.
PYRAMID SCULPT – A cardio warm-up followed by an intense sculpting class.  Work with light, medium and heavy weights.  High reps pyramiding to less reps.


We supply yoga mats which are cleaned and maintained on a daily basis howeverwe do suggest you bring your own!
HEALING YOGA - Practice the fundamentals of Yoga with a flowing sequence of postures that are linked by the breath. This class will help you sleep better and thus have you waking up felling & looking better. Release stress, increase metabolism and improve flexibility. This class is recommended for beginners with a little knowledge of Yoga.
POWER YOGA – This class takes you through faster Yoga poses.  You will be using more power and creating stronger, longer, leaner muscles plus more flexibility.
SKINNI VINI – Fact paced Vinyasa Yoga with an emphasis on getting skinny abs.
YOGA SENSATIONS – This class is the ultimate work IN as you transform your body and soul from the inside out.  Learn to breathe correctly while witnessing your stress and physical ailments melt away.  All levels welcomed.
YOGA YOGINI – Experience balance, strength and flexibility of mind as well as body.  This eclectic form of Hatha Yoga will open channels of wisdom bringing peace & harmony to your life as well as strength & stability to unwind your body. Class will include yoga meditation techniques. All levels welcomed.

KICKBOXING– Traditional Kickboxing moves are performed to develop cardiovascular fitness, agility and quickness.  Use basic drills and combinations to improve endurance and balance.  This class will get rid of the extra inches.  Challenging, yet all levels are welcome.
KICK IT UP!/CARDIO BOX - A high intensity kickboxing class set to rockin music that will make your heart pound and sweat drip.
OUTBOX – You will learn the skills and techniques to “OUTBOX” your opponents.  Offensive, defensive boxing technique and conditioning.  Learn the fundamentals and begin your journey to find your inner warrior.  Beginners are encouraged to take the plunge and commit their bodies and minds to push their levels of endurance. 

30 MINUTE ABS – Tighten your midsection for a shredded core in just 30 minutes. All levels welcome.
BALL & BARRE – A Pilates inspired class on the ball which challenges your core as you tone and stretch your muscles.  Giving you a longer leaner look, the bar will incorporate ballet positions which help balance as well as developing long lean muscles.
BELLY DANCING – An exciting, creative & sensuous workout that addresses all the muscles in your body.  Come for the aerobic aspect or to improve balance, coordination and flexibility and perhaps even more importantly to let your inhibitions fall away so you can experience the joy of self expression. 
BOOT CAMP – This is a high endurance class with high intensity interval training.  Repetitive drills alternating between cardio, weight training & core.  Your entire body will be challenged as you burn hundreds of calories and fat.
CARDIO CROSS TRAINING – An amazing cardio workout that will shape and tone your entire body.  Expect creative, fun and challenging exercises for all levels.!
CIRCUIT TRAINING – Designed for those who want to train their whole body in an intense comprehensive power session. It’s a non-stop blast of strength building, muscle toning and fat burning! Modifications allow for all levels.
GLUTE CAMP – A 30 minute workout targeted at strengthening and defining the lower body and glutes by using unique exercises with a high repetition count. All levels welcomed.
HAVE A BALL – The Stability Ball workout.  A total workout that will challenge every muscle like never before.  Lots of core work, with some cardio and weight work.
HiiT – High intensity interval training. Burn fat, improve endurance and build strength. A challenging class that combines cardio and weights in one class moving from exercise or circuit to the next quickly for an intense calorie burn. Modifications allow for all levels.
INTERVAL BLAST – Try this non-stop energy packed cross training class. This class has many challenging circuits for both cardio and weights. All levels welcome…but be prepared to move!!!
KETTLEBELLS & CORE Revolutionary way of losing fat. A core based class with the use of a kettle bell. This class blends aerobics right into body sculpting.  All levels welcomed.
POWER UNION – Weight training, squats and lots of core work, all mixed in with Yoga. All levels welcome.
ZUMBA® – Mix it up in this non-stop cardio dance class with Hindu, American, African and Latin Beats.  The choreography includes body sculpting and interval training in a combination of fast and slow rhythms.  This is a great calorie burning and muscle toning workout.
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